The Best in the Business

Our Mine Safety and Health Training is one of the best in the industry, receiving the prestigious H. L. Boling Award for Excellence in Training.

Our professional Certified Mine Safety Instructors include a staff of more than 10 training professionals who have trained more than 11,000 miners and contractors annually.

Our Instructors – A Notch Above The Rest

In addition to having one of the best training programs in the industry, we also have the best trainers. Our staff of over 10 professional trainers have received special training in 3 branches of the military in such areas as welding, explosives and operating heavy equipment. Some members of our staff:

  • Have a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Education and Graphic Arts.
  • Have infield mining experience in coal, crushed stone, kaolin, dimensional stone and phosphate.
  • Are certified in Surface and Underground Coal and Underground Blaster.
  • Are bilingual.
  • Are certified electricians.
  • Participated in surveying activities for both surface and underground mining.
  • Monitor exploration activities.
  • Have investigated and documented employee accidents.
  • Have received Hazardous Material training.
  • Have participated in Mine Engineering and Mine Management Sessions.
  • Serve on the: Safety and Health Committee for the Georgia Crushed Stone Association and Georgia Mining Association; Executive Committee for the National Holmes Association; Board of Directors for the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals (ISMSP); Officers of the Southeastern Chapter of ISMSP.