The CBT (Computer Based Training) Program is a self-paced interactive learning tool. It presents information and tests knowledge about a particular subject. Progression and successful completion of each course are determined by the appropriate response entered for each question. These programs can be used individually or in groups. The computer based training programs are self contained and are auto start programs. No software is required to run the programs. Program cost is $295.00 each. Online Ordering Coming Soon – Call for Orders 706-253-2677

Haz Com

This program will help you meet MSHA&’s required training under 30 CFR Part 47. The information contained in this training module explains what HazCom is and why it is needed, the determination of chemicals used at a mine and chemicals brought onto mining property by others, such as contractors, the different effects chemicals can have on the body, the 4 routes of entry into the body, which chemicals can take, the NFPA and HMIS labeling system, an explanation of material safety data sheets (MSDS) requirements, along with an explanation of each section on the MSDS. The training ends with a quiz to help determine student retention of the training information.

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? is an exercise designed to make you think about the decisions you make everyday in the work environment and the impact those decisions can have on your safety and the safety of others. The exercise covers two miners as they go about planning to do some maintenance work at a mine. One of the miners is new and is being task trained by the other more experienced miner. As you go through the exercise you will be asked questions relating to the actions that should or should not be taken by the new miner and you will be given the opportunity to select an answer and see if you have made the right decision. What Would You Do? makes you think about your decisions before you make them.

Conveyor Safety

This program gives you some basics of conveyors starting with identification of the components of the system, an explanation of how the components work in the system, hazards inherent in conveyor systems, lock and tag of the conveyor system while doing maintenance, it gives information on handrails, emergency stop cords, startup warning horns, some of the MSHA regulations covering conveyors and discusses some fatal accidents involving conveyors. There is a 20 question quiz on the computer at the end of the program covering everything in the training program which gives excellent feedback on how much the trainee retained.

Escape From a Fire

This is an exercise that leads the student through a fire situation in a shop. A fire breaks out and spreads quickly, how will each student react and what decisions will they make? The exercise places the student in the fire and ask a question about the fire scene. The student must than choose from several answers for that particular situation. If the student gives the correct answer the program acknowledges that fact and moves on to the next question. If the student gives a wrong answer the program tells the student it is wrong, explains why and allows the student to select another answer. At the end of the program a total score is given and an explanation of the results. A very good program to help determine the overall decision making ability of a student in a fire situation.

Hazard Recognition

What’s wrong with this picture? The best way to prevent accidents is to avoid the hazards, but first you must recognize the hazards. This is an exercise that leads the person through a series of hazards in the mining environment and gives the person an opportunity to find the things wrong by using the mouse to click on each one in the picture. The narrator of the program tells the individual whether or not he or she has chosen a hazard or some other object that is not a hazard along with the MSHA regulation(s) covering that particular hazard. The program covers common everyday hazards found during normal mining work activities, which helps the person relate more to what the hazards are and how they would affect him or her in their work duties. At the end of the program the person is given their score so they see how well they did.

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